Diet Slam: Thigh Gap Fever Promotes Anorexic Behavior

"Get skinny quick!" schemes range from the questionable to the insane. This week, we rip into the tragic "thigh gap" craze that promotes starvation Read...
Nikki Gloudeman   |   02.26.14   |   SHARE

Is Whole Foods a Paragon of Pseudoscience?

The "typical" educated, moderate-to-liberal, American person usually gets annoyed by Read...
Jane Jones   |   02.25.14   |   SHARE

How Gay Unprotected Sex Affects Your Sexual Health: Some Scary Stats

Across the pond in the land of tea, Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   02.25.14   |   SHARE
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Beard Implants: How Far will a Hipster Go?

A new trend has emerged in Read...
Kate Zaliznock   |   02.25.14   |   SHARE

We Don’t Care You Were Top of Your Class—And Google Doesn’t Either

Many of us agonize over the impact higher education will have on our lives; we’re spoon-fed a narrative of “do well, be successful,” yet it’s turning Read...
Kate Zaliznock   |   02.24.14   |   SHARE

Is Coffee a Vice a Virtue or Psychosomatic Self-Motivation?

With the never-ending stream of advice on how to maximize our potential — time management, planning, goal setting — it’s no surprise that Read...
Kate Zaliznock   |   02.20.14   |   SHARE

Why Pole Dancing Will Never Be An Olympic Sport

How many of you were ultra-psyched to see Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   02.20.14   |   SHARE
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Online Shopping: Saving Us Money, Killing Our Social Lives?

For those of us who remember mall outings with friends back in the day, shopping once had this sheen allure to it — an activity of secondary purpose Read...
Kate Zaliznock   |   02.19.14   |   SHARE