It’s incredibly weird to want something so badly but to be so afraid of it.

Navigating IVF: Embryo Transfer Day 

In Navigating IVF, IVF Steph takes us on her journey through the wilds of fertility treatment.   So, Read...
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Getting back at the world or trying to right it by losing weight is pointless and detrimental.

Can We Please Do Away With "Revenge" Bodies?

Revenge. Body.They’re two dynamically opposite words, one carrying anger and hatred, while the other exudes everything that’s wonderful about us, Read...
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There's a reason little kids are better at gymnastics, people.

Gymnastics For Grown-A** Adults Is A Real Thing & A Terrible Idea For Normal People

Did you read “gymnastics for grown-ass adults” and get real excited? Like, where can I find this? How can I do this? This sounds awesome!  Yeah, that Read...
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Bring the sexiness of lingerie out for a wearable street look. (Image Credit: Benjamin Pete photographer for Ready to Stare)

#FatshionFriday: The Lingerie Look

A big trend for 2017 so far has been the lingerie look. It’s no surprise to us throwback lovers who like to flaunt what we’ve got - for us, it never Read...
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Judging on appearance - even of Trump & his team - is aiding and abetting the enemy. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Stop Body Shaming The Trump Regime

Donald Trump was recently told of a state senator who is in favor of civil asset forfeiture reform — a concept, it turns out, that is one of many Read...
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Here’s what I know right now: my story will have many more ups and downs.

I Have An Eating Disorder: An Introspective  

Being a human is hard. Being a human with an eating disorder is inexplicably hard. Every time I think I have control over the situation, my eating Read...
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What happens when you don't know if you don't know someone...

'Sorry, I Don't Recognize You:' Living With Face Blindness

Everybody's compensating for something, right? In my case, I am compensating for Read...
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Take The Cake: Secret Relationships With Fat Women

When we both moved to San Francisco in our 20s, she moved to a wealthy neighborhood and I moved into a neighborhood where old men had phone sex on Read...
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