Not all athletes look like Nike cover models.

I'm Sick Of People Assuming I'm Not An Athlete

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Megan Zander    |   02.6.17   |   SHARE
Some "healthy" choices are anything but.

7 'Healthy' Habits That Aren't Actually Healthy

Let’s face it, people love to throw around the word “healthy” as much as they love to sit on the couch in workout clothes. The word just feels good Read...
Claire Hopple    |   02.3.17   |   SHARE

Take The Cake: Ode To Oaxacan Cheese, Acupuncture, & Fat Friends

For the past two weeks, I’ve met up with my friend Caya in the Mission for acupuncture and pupusas/pizza/both. #HighlyRecommend  Acupuncture can be Read...
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My blue plus sign appeared immediately, like some hormonal Harry Potter spell.

It's Not Baby Weight: The Plus Sign

While I knew next to nothing about being pregnant, I was certain about one thing: it isn't a joyous-miracle-of-life experience for fat women. Read...
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The thought that a complete stranger would crochet something to make me feel beautiful — whole, like a woman again — moved me to tears.

A Stranger Knit Me A New Boob

It sounded too good to be true: comfortable, attractive bra inserts for breast cancer survivors like me. I got on the computer, checked out their Read...
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Let's #ditchthediet when it comes to food, and embrace "diets" that empower us.

7 Diets You Can Go On That Have Nothing To Do With Food

*/ /*-->*/ With a new year comes the chance for a clean slate. To start over and perhaps become a better you — at least, that’s what society tells Read...
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Belly, meet hand. Hand, meet belly.

The Story Of Why My Belly Is On My Hand 

Towards the end of last year, I sat in a plastic surgeon’s office discussing the excess skin that falls at my lower belly. I gently tugged the slight Read...
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Reclaiming ALL costumes for all bodies. (Image Credit: Instagram/talynnkel)

Fat Positive Cosplay: Meet TaLynn Kel

If you are a geek, you like to share your passion in a number of ways. Cosplay, short for costume play, refers to dressing up as a character in a Read...