Bex vanKoot is a journalist, content creator, proud Social Justice Warrior and unicorn-rider. She writes about culture, health, science and tech while tweeting about feminism and posting kitten videos to Facebook. Follow @BexvanKoot on Twitter and Instagram.

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Image Credit: Andrew Neel via Unsplash

Finding And Losing The Pagan Community Through Activism

I wasn’t always a witch. Or a feminist. I lived a sheltered life as a child. We weren’t rich by any means. My parents struggled,... Read...
Bex vanKoot    |   02.24.17 12am   |   SHARE
All I wanted was to access healthcare without more strange men telling me what to do with my body.

Stop Treating Me Like My Body Is A Problem To Be Fixed

I don’t know that I’ve ever really trusted doctors. My mother, a nurse as long as I’ve known her, tried to teach me to advocate for myself. She told me to ask questions, to do my own research, to... Read...
Bex vanKoot    |   09.29.16 12am   |   SHARE