Claire Hopple is a writer of short stories and a columnist for Maudlin House. Originally from Pittsburgh, she currently lives in Nashville with her husband. She's still waiting for someone to give her a firm answer on the Oxford comma. She will eat all of your cupcakes. Find out more at

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Besides creating the most multi-purpose word on the planet (aloha), this state has been top five in several polls for at least five years in a row.

9 Of The Most Consistently Happy US States

Sure, happiness is too abstract a concept to measure perfectly, and it’s safe to say that a serious case of the Mondays can find you no matter what poorly drawn boundaries you’ve planted yourself... Read...
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Go see a matinee. Bonus points for buying that obscene tub of popcorn and showing it who’s boss.

The 6 Best Ways To Use Your (Almost Non-Existent) Alone Time

You more than anyone should try to carve out some space for yourself.
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Make that Netflix bingefest even better. (Image Credit: Instagram/Netflix)

You’ll Never Go Back To Default: 5 Mind-Blowing Ways To Customize Netflix

Fully embrace your Netflix addiction, impress your AV Club-loving friends and get the most out of your account with these Netflix hacks that are nothing short of life-changing for film buffs and... Read...
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Whatever your preference, I think you can find your next gem from this list.

6 Great Reads By WoC

When the publishing industry gets it right, it needs to be celebrated, especially in a time like this.
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Big Brother really is always watching... and listening... and advertising.

Your Phone Is Listening To You - All The Time

You mention wanting to feast on a sweet stack of pancakes for Sunday brunch and the next time you open Instagram, there’s an IHOP ad staring you in the face. You complain about doing your own taxes... Read...
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What if fast food becomes convenient... and healthy? Oh the joys!

Fast Food Chains That Are Making An Effort To Serve Real Food

Sometimes just saying the words “fast” and “food” back to back makes us want to sneak a glimpse behind us, waiting for the... Read...
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Some "healthy" choices are anything but.

7 'Healthy' Habits That Aren't Actually Healthy

Let’s face it, people love to throw around the word “healthy” as much as they love to sit on the couch in workout clothes. The word just feels good to say, like simply saying it will magically... Read...
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Loud buzzes from your phone can translate to zero clear thinking.

Here’s Why I’ll Never Be A Phone Person (But I Still Love You)

It’s not that you don’t love the people calling you (unless you’re solely receiving spam calls), it’s just that you’d rather be with them. You think that the phone can’t replace seeing their faces,... Read...
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Self-care and health go hand in hand with #ditchthediet2017.

8 Secrets From Health Gurus That Are Actually Helpful

FAST, EASY RESULTS! SHEDS POUNDS INSTANTLY! NEVER FEEL TIRED AGAIN! There are are a lot of things to avoid out there (See: Above). Ridiculous claims are made, unrealistic health fads are adopted and... Read...
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Make #DitchTheDiet2017 Even Easier With These Ridiculously Epic Treats

Forget ice cream out of the carton, the following limited edition treats from America’s favorite glutton gurus will be the new post-breakup sobfest snacks of choice.
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