Allison Cooper is founder and writer for Project Motherhood, where she blogs about balancing her love for family, fashion, and living in the big city. She is the co-founder of INTRO NYC, connecting brands, bloggers, and helping bloggers stay educated in the ever-evolving digital space.You can find her writing, at NYFW, spending time with her boys, or sipping on strong coffee! 

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When an entirely unplanned (not even enough time to save money for) vacation opportunity landed in my lap, I said “yes” instead of passing as the typical me would.

How Travel Allowed Me To Reconnect With My Family

Family travel helped me see what I'd been missing out on.
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“This weekend, I had to say ‘Can you please get the dog out of the dishwasher!’ Wish I was kidding.” - Natalie Welsh Diaz

Things You Never Thought You'd Say; Then You Became A Parent

Parenthood is so chaotic that we find ourselves spewing words sometimes that we probably never, ever pictured ourselves saying. Then parenthood happened.
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3. You’re not neglecting your child's needs, promise.

10 Reasons Not To Feel Ashamed About Bottle Feeding

In case someone comes out of the woodwork and goes extra hard with the mom-shaming for choosing to bottle feed, here are some really important reasons not to feel ashamed.
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While these five tips may seem like simple, everyday things, they go a long way to make sure kids know they're supported and able to make choices that work for them their entire life.

5 Tips For Raising A Gender Equal Child

I so firmly believe that everyone should have the freedom to truly be who they are, without limits, and it’s important to me to raise kids who are open and accepting of that, too. Here are five ways... Read...
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We’re tired, we’re trying to cram a million things into our days, and all we want is to throw on a pair of mom leggings and a jean jacket to run to Target and grab our Starbucks, without someone looking at us in judgment.

An Open Letter To Anyone Who Judges My Mom Leggings

Whenever you see a mom rocking her “mom-leggings,” and you judge or shame her, I beg you to take an effing step back, get off your high horse and take a second to understand that she’s just been... Read...
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Looking back at my departures, I’ve never tried to sneak away, but am definitely not as confident as I need to be. She feeds off of my energy after all, and when I walk out the door self-conscious and worrying about her reaction, that’s makes her separation anxiety even worse.

My Daughter's Separation Anxiety Is Out Of Control

This little, strong-willed, giggly baby girl is attached to me in every single way imaginable. It’s gotten so bad that any time I know I need to step out of the house, I feel myself worrying about it... Read...
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7. Find a self-care routine that works for you.

7 Ways For New Moms To Embrace The Chaos Of New Motherhood

Eventually, I accepted the need to just let things go (like keeping up with cleaning), and embrace all the chaos that new motherhood brings. So, here are some tips from people who know best, plus one... Read...
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toothless (image credit: Thinkstock)

New Parenting Trend: Banking Kid's Baby Teeth

One thing is for sure: it’s a heck of a lot easier to bank your child’s teeth that to deal with coordinating banking umbilical cord blood as soon as a baby is born.
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Many moms comes to embrace their stretch marks, as a symbol of what they've accomplished.

These Moms Share Why They're Proud Of Their Stretch Marks

Stretch marks. Tiger stripes. Road maps. Ant trails. Tattoos. Mommy stripes. The names are really endless and every... Read...
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Little lies or big ones, knowing when to tell the whole truth and when to hold back can be hard with kids. (Image Credit: Instagram/nbcthisisus)

What 'This Is Us' Has Taught Me About Lying To My Kids

** If you haven’t yet watched this series, the below article includes some spoilers. ** By now, NBC’s This Is Us has become the once a week... Read...
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