Gemma Hartley is a freelance writer with a BA in writing from The University of Nevada, Reno. She lives in Reno with her husband, three young kids, an awesome dog and a terrible cat.

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Example A: So while I would love to help bring my unique voice to your publication, unless you decide to start paying in actual real-world money, I will have to instead offer you a sincere f*ck no.

How To Craft A Tactful 'F*ck No'

You are a professional. You want to handle your business with a certain air of sophistication. You want to tell them "f*ck no," but want to do so graciously, tactfully — you are, after all, a... Read...
Gemma Hartley    |   06.13.17 10am   |   SHARE
"I had to accept that this journey was entirely different than anything that had come before."

What Happens When You Get Pregnant After Postpartum Depression

Getting pregnant after postpartum depression may have stolen a lot from me, but it gave me a lot more.
Gemma Hartley    |   06.7.17 12am   |   SHARE
"I realized that I enjoyed parenthood a whole lot more when I wasn't constantly complaining about it on the Internet."

What Happened When I Finally Quit Whining on Facebook 

You know that annoying friend who loves to vaguebook about the woes in her life or is always complaining on social media about how her kids are destroying her home and mental health? Super annoying,... Read...
Gemma Hartley    |   06.1.17 12am   |   SHARE
I wish I had someone to tell me that sometimes surviving motherhood is enough.

Sometimes Surviving Motherhood Is Enough

I’m not saying there is no joy to motherhood. I go through periods where I do feel like I’m at my parenting best. There are times when I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the amazing life and children... Read...
Gemma Hartley    |   05.15.17 12am   |   SHARE
Even though I’m ready to let go the baby weight, the baby weight isn’t ready to let go of me.

I'm Finally Ready To Lose The Baby Weight

To be honest, it’s exhausting, and I am ready to shed this pesky baby weight once and for all. I mean that literally.
Gemma Hartley    |   04.21.17 12am   |   SHARE
Work can feel like a break from parenting, and that can actually help make me a better parent.

Sometimes I'd Rather Work Than Spend Time With My Kids

As a freelancer who works from home, I get the best of both worlds as a parent. I am around 24/7 for my kids and get the satisfaction of still holding down a career outside of my parenting identity.... Read...
Gemma Hartley    |   04.13.17 12am   |   SHARE
I want them to remember love and feeling wanted, always — all of them.

My Son Wants An Only Child; His Reason Breaks My Heart

My six-year-old son got into the car after school and declared he only wanted to have one kid when he grew up.
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Not giving in to the stereotype of "hysterical liberal" is a slap back at online trolls looking for a reaction.

Why I'm Choosing To Fight Fascism With Facts

Like many progressives, the early days of Trump's presidency have left me angry, exhausted, and fighting with strangers on Facebook. I can’t seem to stop myself from taking the bait when someone... Read...
Gemma Hartley    |   04.6.17 12am   |   SHARE
Since breathing can be a subject of much controversy (at least it can be in my house), try sneaking in mindfulness under the guise of a game.

5 Tips For Practicing Mindfulness With Your Kids

But how do I go about actually practicing mindfulness with my kids when I still can’t seem to get them to find their shoes in 30 minutes or less? To be honest, it’s not always easy. However, there... Read...
Gemma Hartley    |   04.4.17 12am   |   SHARE
#CleaningGoals don't always translate so well into reality. (Image Credit: Gemma Hartley)

My Cleaning List Is A Thing Of Beauty, But My House Is A Hot Mess

If you were to walk into my house on any given day, you wouldn’t know that I am an efficient and organized person. I would, of course, disagree. In my mind, I am very clean and well-organized. My... Read...
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