Ragen Chastain is a professional speaker, writer, and real live fat person.  She has spoken everywhere from friend's living rooms to Google Headquarters to Cal Tech and Dartmouth.  She will not stop until we live in a world where the full diversity of body sizes is respected, and fat people are able to live in fat bodies without shame, stigma, bullying, and harrasment, regardless of why they are fat, what being fat means, and if they could (or even want to) become thin. She lives in Los Angeles with her partner Julianne and their adorable rescue dogs, and is training for her first (and hopefully only!) IRONMAN triathlon. If you can't get enough of her on Ravishly, you can check out her blog

Ragen Chastain's Articles

Men, however uneducated or inexperienced, consistently feel that they know better than we do how about our bodies work.

What I Call Them: Men Tell Women About Our Bodies

Mansplaining is rampant in our culture, and nowhere is it mansplain-ier than when men explain women’s bodies to us.
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Doctors need to tell the whole truth about weight loss surgery's frightful side effects.

The Inconvenient Truth About Weight Loss Surgery

For fat people, Weight Loss Surgery is often touted as the magic bullet that will solve everything from sickness to single-ness to stigmatization. I’ve been told by doctors that I should have the... Read...
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Judging on appearance - even of Trump & his team - is aiding and abetting the enemy. (Image Credit: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Stop Body Shaming The Trump Regime

Donald Trump was recently told of a state senator who is in favor of civil asset forfeiture reform — a concept, it turns out, that is one of many that Trump... Read...
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This is the time to fight, to hold the line, to preserve our humanity and protect our bodies — all of our bodies. (Image: Flickr/ mumography)

Having A Body In Donald’s America 

It’s a dangerous and challenging time for many of us to have a body in the United States. There are things we can do to not only love our bodies but give them our support during the era of the... Read...
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Instead of heading down a resolutions shame spiral that lasts until next year, let’s regroup and do this in a way that makes sense.

February And Your Resolutions Are Already History? What To Do Now.

Welcome to the resolutions flame out. It’s not so much that your resolutions crashed and burned, it’s more like they just never got off the ground in the first place. But there is hope. We can right... Read...
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image credit: Lady Gaga via Instagram

Lady Gaga, The Super Bowl, And Half-Assed Body Positivity

Too often people claim that they are practicing Body Positivity when in fact they are perpetuating fatphobia and/or using healthism and ableism to justify sizeism.
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Image via Flickr (Inhabitat).

The Tiny House Movement: Who Really Fits? 

A revolution in affordable housing! A revolution in fighting homelessness! So I heard when I decided to binge watch shows and documentaries about the... Read...
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Pick your comment policy wisely. (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

Draining The Comment Swamp

As a frightening and dangerous new regime takes office and the resistance begins in earnest, many of us will face the sometimes daunting task of moderating our social media spaces during political... Read...
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Nobody needs our white asses jumping in to whitesplain racism to People of Color. Just don’t.

A Guide For White People Who Don’t Think That Thing Is Racist

For many white people, our first reaction to hearing about racism is to immediately look for a reason to say “That’s not racist!” That said, in conversations I’ve had where people are struggling with... Read...
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Honor the work and time of participants and registrants.

The Truth About Those Telesummits — Insights From An Insider

You’ve probably received an invitation to an online telesummit - fabulous speakers and it’s free, all you have give is your email address. It seems like a great deal, but scratch the surface and you’... Read...
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