Gigi Engle is a writer, feminist activist and dick whisperer living in New York City. She is the sex and relationships writer for Thrillist and formerly Elite Daily. A former party girl she now enjoys reading, traveling and writing dirty, sexy things on the internet. Gigi is represented by DeFiore literary agency.

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You have to deal with days that are very sad for no reason.

What It's Like Dating Someone With Anxiety

Here is what it is like to date someone with anxiety (in my experience, anyway).
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Choosing not to have kids is a choice, just like everything else in life.

The Art Of Navigating A Relationship When You're A Woman Who Doesn't Want Kids

Being a woman who does not want to become a mother is still a bit of a cultural anomaly in 2017.
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Melissa Garber is a sex-ed teacher, and she's here to answer your questions about the state of Sex Ed today.

We Asked A Sex-Ed Teacher About The State Of Sex Ed In America

It’s no secret that sex ed is a mess. Children are not getting the educations they need to thrive. STD rates are at an all-time high, many schools are still rigidly teaching abstinence and nothing... Read...
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Stop beating yourself up for the sh*tty behavior of males.

Ask The Experts: Why Don't Guys Call Back If You Sleep With Them On A First Date?

Here is the thing about sexuality: women are still perceived as NOT having the same sexual appetite as men. Sure, we’ve made a lot of strides toward accepting female sexuality and understanding that... Read...
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DIY sex toys are NOT a good idea.

Attention Everyone: There Is A Reason Sex Toys Are NOT DIY

Attention everyone: DIY sex toys are NOT a good idea. Here’s why.
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I know you think you’re safe in your car because it’s your property, but you’re not.

20 Places To NOT Have Public Sex

Having sex in public is exhilarating. But while the risk of being caught is compelling to many of us, getting busted will earn you a fat misdemeanor charge with up to three years in prison. The... Read...
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A vagina is not a grapefruit for you to chew on.

Cunnilingus Mistakes You're Probably Making

Mastering cunnilingus is something all men should aspire to do. If you’re making any of these eight, monstrous cunnilingus mistakes, here is why they’re terrible and how to fix them. Hurray for happy... Read...
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Images: Dame Products

I Tried Kickstarter's First Sex Toy And It's So Good, Every Girl Should Have One

The Fin from Dame Products is a finger vibrator for couples and it is awesome — my pick for that Valentine's Day gift for your partner or yourself.
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It’s not for everyone, but as I always say: You won’t know if you like it unless you try it.

The Ultimate Guide To Butt Plugs

Well, my friends, a journey to anal sex has to begin somewhere. And if you're not ready to dive right in, you can start at the beginning: with anal toys. From what to buy to how to use them, here is... Read...
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Sex on the beach is a fabulous cocktail, and that’s all it should ever be.

Sex Positions That Are The Worst 

Let’s be real, friends. All sex positions are not created equal. Sex is amazing and fun, but there are certain sexual situations and moves that are better than others.
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