Writer by day and snack-eater by night, Sandy Jorgenson is a badass and brave mother to one fierce and beauty-filled girl. Find Sandy at writing about her experience with motherhood, pregnancy loss, secondary infertility and body image, or find her in the water somewhere trying desperately to morph into the mermaid she so badly wants to be.

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Okay, let's just admit: life doesn't always come with adequate sleep guaranteed.

You’re Tired, I’m Tired, We’re All Just Exhausted

*/ /*-->*/ Can you remember the last time that you got a full night of blissful, uninterrupted sleep?
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Feel the gratitude - it's where truth lives. (Image Credit: Unsplash/Emma Frances Logan Barker)

Giving Thanks Amidst Hardship: It Sucks, But Just Try Anyway

*/ /*-->*/ It’s an incredible quality to be able to opt for a happy disposition when you’re being pummeled by life’s at-times ineffable chaos. I admire those who are inherently joyful, or those,... Read...
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It’s been ten years, and I’m still reckoning with his death

Reckoning With Grief In The Wake Of A Suicide

Death, we know because it’s drilled into us from an early age, is a natural part of life. We’re gently assured that the best and worst of us pass away. We’re reminded that nothing in life is a... Read...
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This is not a pretty story, but it is a true one.

That Time I Had A Hole In My Vagina (Not THAT Hole)

I love the concept of the divine yoni: of the beautiful and powerful nature of femininity, of being a creator and life-giver, and of vaginas being the very source, origin and gateway of life. I love... Read...
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The pain of miscarriage lingers every single day.

My Miscarriage Left Me Holding My Body In Contempt

When a bereaved mother is left alone, how deep into the recesses of her mind does she wander? Does she surface for air? Does she want to come out at all?
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image credit: London Scout via Unsplash

Parenthood And The Passage Of Time

But what can be said for the day upon which I am no longer enough? I dread that day.
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So temper tantrums are a blast, aren’t they?

9 Ways To Deal With Your Kids' Endless Stream of BS

Based on my experience, I can tell you with confidence that there exists a list of perfectly reasonable ways to cope with that endless stream of bullshit that your kids are pumping out on the regular... Read...
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How lovely were the carefree days of being a younger adult.

7 Realities of Adulthood That Can Kiss My Ass

Griping about adulting is a fun thing that we like to do, I know. But in all honesty, can’t you easily drum up handfuls of reasons as to why being a grownup downright sucks? I know I can. Here is a... Read...
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Most of all, be proactively there and present for your friend.

6 Things To Do For A Family After The Loss Of A Baby

*/ /*-->*/ Watching a friend or loved one go through the heartache of losing a child can be a horribly painful thing to do. If you yourself have experienced such a thing, then the pain is acutely... Read...
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Life with little ones is never the same again.

8 Places Parents With Small Children Can No Longer Go

Everybody who’s a parent can attest to the fact that the lives they once knew are far behind them. The days of blissful, carefree living are long gone. What exists in its place is a frenzy of... Read...
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