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t is unrealistic to expect friends always to agree — and wouldn’t that be boring?

Can Female Friendships Survive Trump?

When I took on this assignment to write about the traumatizing byproduct our polarized political landscape has had on personal relationships — with Read...
Sherry Amatenstein, LCSW    |   03.23.17   |   SHARE
(Photo by Suma Jane Dark. Front row, L-R: Jessica Rihal, Manon Marchetti Edwards, Hayley Herms, and Megan Kimberling. Rear: Jules Wood, Laurel Dickman, and Astra Varnado.)

Unsculpted: A Photo Series From Photographer Suma Jane Dark 

Today, we interview photographer Suma Jane Dark, known best for their body-positive work shown through a feminist lens. Read...
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No, really: 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' is that good. (Image Credit: Instagram/cw_crazyexgf)

'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' Is The Most Underrated Show Of Our Generation

I cherish TV in a way most people reserve for God or family or country. I love nothing more than to watch plots unfold, to track character Read...
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Besides creating the most multi-purpose word on the planet (aloha), this state has been top five in several polls for at least five years in a row.

9 Of The Most Consistently Happy US States

Sure, happiness is too abstract a concept to measure perfectly, and it’s safe to say that a serious case of the Mondays can find you no matter what Read...
Claire Hopple    |   03.16.17   |   SHARE

Tired Of The Same 5 Dinners? Here Are 19 New Ones.

Cooking in my house is like a science experiment that ends with either A. me winning the Read...
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 Can we finally put this "crazy ex girlfriend" bullshit to bed?

Can We Please Ditch The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Stereotype?

The crazy ex-girlfriend stereotype is sexist and boring. Read...
Jessie Stephens of Mamamia    |   03.15.17   |   SHARE
Reclaiming the feminine power of beauty rituals.

Reclaiming The Adornment Space

This weekend, I was at a work function where there were thousands of vendors trying to sell their goods. In the midst of the lights and sales pitches Read...
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The luminous Sauycé West. (image: Shawn Davis Photography via Instagram/ saucyewest)

Fatshion Friday: 14 Babes That Are Radiant In Yellow 

Yellow is a BIG color this year, but guess what — we don't see much of it in plus-sized fashion. Surprised? Unfortunately, neither are we. If you’re Read...
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