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There's no need to plump, but if you want to just for funsies, here are a few options.

Lip Plumpers - No Need For A Needle

In much the same way I feel about my eyebrows, I feel perpetual dissatisfaction with my lips. Actually, dissatisfaction is probably too strong a word Read...
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Shine on, you metallic glow girl, you!

Your Best Budget Metallic Highlighter

On the difficult and important topic of highlighter, I’m torn. I’ve pretended to think that the super-reflective, spangly, gleaming highlighter, so Read...
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Remember how fun it was when makeup was just shine and glitter?

In Praise Of Teenager Makeup

Remember your first foray into the makeup world? Everything was more fun then. Colors were chosen in a magpie-like fashion. Smelling like cake was a Read...
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Make sure you call it 'fluff,' not 'frizz.' Semantics matter.

How To: Embrace 'Fluff' Of Winter Hair

You can’t fight it so embrace it: Fluffy winter hair. Tis the season for truly problem hair. You’re going from outside frost to inside heating, Read...
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Lash stains are good, just not as flawless as advertised. (Image Credit: Annie Walton Doyle)

Milkweed Lash Stain Review: Better Than Expected, But Not Quite Perfect

Lash stain: what the hell. Am I right? It sounds great (if terrifying), but the more I write, the more it seems lash stain is my makeup kryptonite. I Read...
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These steals will ensure your eyes look great without breaking the bank.

Total Steals: Drugstore Eye Products

I love spending money like a total asshole as much as the next woman. But sometimes, a cheap thrill is the most thrilling thrill of all. Finding Read...
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EOY roundup of beauty "realizations." (Image Credit: Kylie Jenner via YouTube)

Beauty Stuff I Realized, In The Year Of Realizing Things

Remember at the start of the year, when we all watched a teenager with a mouth full of Juvaderm bizarrely reclining in front of a fire that looks Read...
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What to use when real-life hair serum is not in the immediate vicinity.

Weird Products You Can Repurpose To Rock Your Locks

It’s official: I have bleached my hair to the point of no return. It can be bad: not cute and fluffy, but damaged and crazy. Thus, I need to be Read...
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