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Make sure you call it 'fluff,' not 'frizz.' Semantics matter.

How To: Embrace 'Fluff' Of Winter Hair

You can’t fight it so embrace it: Fluffy winter hair. Tis the season for truly problem hair. You’re going from outside frost to inside heating, Read...
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Lash stains are good, just not as flawless as advertised. (Image Credit: Annie Walton Doyle)

Milkweed Lash Stain Review: Better Than Expected, But Not Quite Perfect

Lash stain: what the hell. Am I right? It sounds great (if terrifying), but the more I write, the more it seems lash stain is my makeup kryptonite. I Read...
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These steals will ensure your eyes look great without breaking the bank.

Total Steals: Drugstore Eye Products

I love spending money like a total asshole as much as the next woman. But sometimes, a cheap thrill is the most thrilling thrill of all. Finding Read...
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EOY roundup of beauty "realizations." (Image Credit: Kylie Jenner via YouTube)

Beauty Stuff I Realized, In The Year Of Realizing Things

Remember at the start of the year, when we all watched a teenager with a mouth full of Juvaderm bizarrely reclining in front of a fire that looks Read...
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What to use when real-life hair serum is not in the immediate vicinity.

Weird Products You Can Repurpose To Rock Your Locks

It’s official: I have bleached my hair to the point of no return. It can be bad: not cute and fluffy, but damaged and crazy. Thus, I need to be Read...
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Dry shampoo is an endless source of styling magic. (Image credit: Thinkstock)

How To Use Dry Shampoo As A Styling Tool

Oh yes — you read correctly. That favorite product that you turn towards to get that good second day hair can actually be used as a styling tool all Read...
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So many good buys across the pond. (Image Credit: UnSplash)

UK Beauty Tourism For Everyone To Enjoy

Writing my piece on the wonderful, amazing, superlative yet disappointingly evasive Seventeen Stay Time Foundation got me thinking. There are a ton Read...
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Gorgeous finish, fraction of the price. (Image credit: Thinkstock)

Drugstore Foundation Heavy Hitters (UK And US!)

When it comes to foundation, there’s a general acceptance that more expensive is better. I get it – it’s really the most important part of your
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