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Emotions are not your enemy. (Image Credit: UnSplash / Maria Victoria Heredia Reyes)

Why There’s No Shame In Feeling All The Feelings

*/ /*-->*/ Just seven years ago, I resisted each and every emotion that smelled like weakness (AKA all of the typical mental shit a twenty- Read...
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Having others have faith in me was the catalyst for my recovery in the early stages.

How To Be There For Someone With A Mental Illness

After my second episode of schizoaffective disorder, I had very little hope for any sort of future. Generating hope when times were bleak was the Read...
Steve Colori of The Good Men Project    |   01.16.17   |   SHARE
Anxiety, you are not going to win this time.

How To Make Anxiety Your Bitch

My life has been a long bumpy anxious ride. People often don’t understand my “quirky” behaviors due to anxiety. I’ve learned, over the years that it' Read...
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I am still ashamed. But despite that, or in spite of that, my life is beautiful.

Can I Blame My Mental Illness For My Lousy Behavior?

Seven and a half years ago, on the night of my 35th birthday, I told my husband that I wanted a divorce. It was 2 AM. Maybe we’d been arguing, I can’ Read...
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You are not your trauma.

6 Ways To Cope With Trauma

*/ /*-->*/ A few years ago, the universe gave me a beautiful son, E. He suffered a stroke shortly after birth, and then was diagnosed with a rare Read...
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It’s hardly a wonder so many people suffer in silence, when these are the responses they’re likely to receive if they talk about their problems.

The Phrase We Need To Stop Using When We Talk About Depression

I can assure you that when a person is at rock bottom and in so much emotional pain that they literally can’t think of anything else but ending it as Read...
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Image: Steve DeMent Photography.

My Road To Recovery From Fitness Modeling

If only I could lose a little weight here, and shape up a little there, I would feel complete. If I could only get my diet down to science, a numbers Read...
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Whenever a thought pops up into my mind, I stop, assess it, and then talk it off its ledge. Imagine doing this 50 times a day — it gets tiring.

The Invisible Life Of Having High-Functioning Anxiety 

Anxiety disorders — PTSD, OCD, and Panic Disorder, to name a few — are the most common mental illnesses in the United States, with about 18% of the Read...
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