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College students will soon have vending machine access to contraception. Welcome to the world of 2017.

#RavsRadar: Contraception From A Vending Machine On College Campus. THIS IS HAPPENING.

This isn’t your old-school, gas-station-bathroom condom dispenser, either. It's called a Wellness To Go station that sells condoms, Plan B Emergency Read...
Rebekah Kuschmider    |   04.24.17   |   SHARE
Live and let live with however many sprinkles you goddamn want.

Starbuck's Unicorn Frappe: Blended Drink Served With A Side Of Food Shaming

Call me when Starbucks is serving a drink laced with cyanide and then I’ll join you in outrage. Read...
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YAWN. Talking about abuse accusations is soooo boring. (image credit YouTube)

DaddyOFive Doesn't Deserve The Title Of "Daddy"

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I am more aware and concerned about those around me suffering that might be feeling triggered and alone.

Suicide Awareness In The Wake Of Aaron Hernandez’s Death

For someone who suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts, a headline about somebody killing themselves can be triggering. Read...
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Don't be overwhelmed by environmental causes! These are five easy ways to make a difference in your own neck of the woods.

5 Ways To Make A Difference This Earth Day

Issues like climate change, energy poverty and social justice causes that intersect with environmentalism can be sometimes feel daunting. However, Read...
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Chelsea Clinton is raising awareness of the need for basic sanitary products that women face worldwide... and here in the U.S. (Image Credit: Instagram/clintonfoundation)

#RavsRadar: Chelsea Clinton Speaks Out About Challenges Underprivileged Women Face During Menstruation

Chelsea Clinton took the time to pen an eye-opening essay for Well and Good about the lack of support for girls and women during menstruation and Read...
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Bill O'Reilly will no longer host his show on FoxNews.

#RavsRadar: Fox News Says Bye Bye To Bill O'Reilly Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

According to reports today, O’Reilly has reached his lifetime limit on harassing women at FoxNews and will lose his cable show in the process. Read...
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Jon Ossoff is trying to #flipthe6th by winning as a Democrat. Celebs can help by shutting up. (Image Credit: Instagram/jonosstoff)

If Hollywood Really Wants To Help Jon Ossoff, They Should Be Quiet Now

Democrats and Hollywood. Hollywood and Democrats. The two have shared a locked embrace for decades, fawning with delight and admiration, one over the Read...
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