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Dear CoverGirl: Replace James Charles With One Of These #BeautyBoys

Thursday afternoon, CoverGirl Ambassador James Charles sent out a racist tweet. Why is this problematic? Because of the unrelenting negative Read...
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Celebrate the cuteness of koala + dog. (Image Credit: YouTube/Quashi)

#RavsRader: Celebrate #FurballFriday With Koala & Dog Cuteness

Today’s #FurballFriday is brought to you courtesy of my children. I told them I needed to write about an animal today and asked them what type I Read...
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Mohamed Bzeek has dedicated much of his life to caring for terminally ill children.

Lovers & Fighters In America: Mohamed Bzeek Fosters Terminally Ill Children

'The Lovers & Fighters of America' is a weekly column here at Ravishly featuring behind-the-scenes stories of inspirational people taking a Read...
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The good news: your call WILL BE short.

Tips For Calling Your Reps If You're Nervous, Socially Awkward, Or Phone-Phobic

With the country spiraling deeper into a fascist hellscape on a daily basis, it’s hard to keep track of all the things to be outraged about, but one Read...
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"Your People," Donald Trump, And Today's Hot Mess Of A Press Conference

I watched again and again, as reporters asked President Trump news related questions, and repeatedly rephrased their questions, in hopes of receiving Read...
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If you've got compromising info on the prez, Gizmodo wants to know.

#RavsRadar: Gizmodo Seeks Intel Official Willing To Spill The Beans On Trump

Gizmodo is running Facebook ads targeted at employees for specific agencies, offering them a secure and anonymous way to pass along information about Read...
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Adele Is My Beyonce, But That Doesn't Make Her Grammy Win Any Less Racist

Adele is my Beyoncé. But, it's hard for me as a loyal Adele fan, not to critique Beyoncés loss as anything other than a result of white supremacy. Read...
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Quick question: are you sure about this...?

#RavsRadar: Trump Porn Is Gonna Be A Thing

You guys! You know how Alec Baldwin keeps going on Read...
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