How you feed your baby isn't nearly as important as making sure your baby gets fed.

These Tweets Show That "Fed Is Best" When It Comes To Infant Feeding

ICYMI: Ravishly recently hosted a Twitter chat all about infant feeding. We loved talking with panelists Joni Edelman, Erin Khar, and Carrie Saum of Read...
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If you think that hiring a guy whose main communications experience is being combative on cable news is a bad idea, you’re not alone. White House Press Secretary Sean Spricer resigned today, allegedly because he disagreed with this hire. (Image Credit: Twitter/@tedlieu)

Another Crazy Week In D.C. Leads This Writer To An Inevitable Question: 'Is He On Drugs?'

We have all made it through another madcap week here in 2017. All kinds of groovy things have been going on — and by groovy, I mean things that make Read...
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5 Perfect White House Press Secretary Replacements For Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer has resigned as White House Press Secretary, much to the dismay of Literally No One. Read...
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Chester, you will be missed. (Image credit: Instagram/@linkinpark)

Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, Another Victim Of Suicide

Another of our musical idols was found dead today in his LA home. Earlier this year it was Chris Cornell, today it's Linkin Park's frontrunner, Read...
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Xanda, Cecil's son.

It's Been Two Years Since Someone Shot Cecil The Lion; Now His Son Is Dead, Too

Two years ago, Cecil the lion was shot and killed. Now his son, Xanda has met the same fate. Here's what we know. Read...
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Yep. It's a poop emoji.

Can Your Baby's Poop Reveal How Smart They'll Be? Apparently.

A new study shows your baby's poop can indicate how smart they'll be when they're older. Here are the details you need to know! Read...
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As the New York Times’ just-happened interview with Trump shows, the guy remains ever unable to give a simple, on-point answer.

Trump's NYT Interview: Twitter Cannot Even With Trump's Hot Mess Of Answers

Trump’s ability to kick it with top-notch op-ed crews is just nonexistent. As the New York Times’ interview with Trump shows, the man remains ever Read...
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The GOP has been promising to kill Obamacare since before it was even passed so they won’t back down now. They’ll just keep getting weirder until they pass a bill or lose their majority in Congress.

Healthcare In 2017: 'When The Going Gets Weird, The Weird Turn Pro'

This week saw a new high-water mark of professional-level weird in the Senate Republicans’ attempts to repeal Obamacare and replace it was a set of Read...
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