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The Worst Things Your Kid Can Learn On The Internet

Being aware that kids can discover some iffy stuff on the internet — and discussing what to do with the information — are the best ways to keep kids safe.
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15 Online "Camps" Fill Kids' Summer with Learning Adventures

From outdoor exploration to summer enrichment to computer coding, online camps keep kids busy, learning, and having fun.
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Kids' Mental Health Tools For Suicide Help, Coping Skills, And Professional Support

Apps, sites, and text hotlines help kids cope with mental health issues from cyberbullying to suicide.
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5 Ways Video Games Can Help Kids With Special Needs

For kids with special needs, video games can offer opportunities to practice everything from communication skills to organization.
Common Sense Media    |   04.22.19 12am   |   SHARE
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How Colleges Use Kids' Social Media Feeds

Learn how what you post on social media can hurt — and help — the admissions process.
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Device Hacks For Kids With Special Needs

Eight ideas to make your device more usable for kids with special needs.
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How To Raise A Lifelong Learner

Though it's best to start encouraging kids to be lifelong learners when they're little, it's never too late.
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How Girls Are Seeking (And Subverting) Approval Online

From selfies to shout-outs, girls are using social media both to build up and break down their self-image.
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5 Strategies For Getting Kids Off Devices

Getting kids off their devices is so tough... threatening doesn't work... two-minute warnings aren't the best option either.. what can you do?
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What's clearly offensive to parents is a big gray area for kids — especially when it's one of their beloved YouTube celebs.

Talking To Kids About YouTube Celebs Who Cross The Line

This article by Caroline Knorr first appeared on... Read...
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