Brianne Hogan is a freelance writer based in Toronto. A graduate of NYU, her byline's been featured on The Toast, Nerve, The Frisky, XOJane, among others. She loves cheese, red wine, soft pop and thinks the same is lame. Catch up with her on

Brianne Hogan's Articles

Nicole Cliffe: Editor, Tweeter, Proud Canadian 

Come, fervent readers of smart, witty blogs.
Brianne Hogan   |   11.24.15 12am   |   SHARE

Ani Phyo: Raw Food Chef, Wellness Coach

If you’re looking for a health and wellness guru, look no further than Ani Phyo.
Brianne Hogan   |   10.29.15 12am   |   SHARE

Chloe Coscarelli: Vegan, Chef, Cupcake Wars Champ

Seriously, the lady is Busy with a capital “B.”
Brianne Hogan   |   08.24.15 12am   |   SHARE

Melissa Silverstein: Founder Of Women And Hollywood, Twitter Expert

Women and Hollywood, your one-stop source for all headlines, stats, facts, and figures for issues related to women and film.
Brianne Hogan   |   08.7.15 12am   |   SHARE

Fug Girls: Fuggin' Fabulous Blog Queens 

Real Names: Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan
Brianne Hogan   |   06.26.15 2am   |   SHARE

Sonja Ahlers: Artist Of Many Trades 

From fierce bunnies to books, Sonja rocks the art world.
Brianne Hogan   |   06.22.15 4am   |   SHARE

Jenny Trout: Romance, YA Writer Extraordinaire 

Jenny Trout. Abigail Barnette. Jennifer Armintrout. Missing anyone?
Brianne Hogan   |   06.10.15 4am   |   SHARE

Dana Weiss: The Possessionista 

TV Fashion, Brought To You Via Blog
Brianne Hogan   |   06.1.15 4am   |   SHARE

Liane Balaban: Actress, Menstrual Health Advocate

accidental movie star. founder of crankytown. wannabe villain.
Brianne Hogan   |   04.29.15 4am   |   SHARE

Heather Greene: Whiskey Expert

sommelier. noser. author. roxane gay fan.
Brianne Hogan   |   04.15.15 4am   |   SHARE