Katie Ingram is a freelance journalist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Along with Ravishly, her work has appeared in The Week, SheKnows, Halifax Magazine, Atlantic Books Today, Atlantic Business, and J-source, among others.

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Why Do We Hate It When A Woman Changes?

There’s a saying that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. But what happens when something or someone does change — especially if that person’s a woman?
Katie Ingram    |   02.2.17 12am   |   SHARE
[M]any doctors aren’t properly educated on matters of sexual health. Image: Thinkstock.

Our Schools And Doctors Don't Get That Contraception Goes Beyond The Pill

While there are numerous contraceptives that fall under the umbrella of “birth control,” people in North America have many misconceptions surrounding their options in this sphere.
Katie Ingram    |   08.9.16 12am   |   SHARE