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Women in STEM

We invited leading female writers to weigh in on this question:
Why is STEM still a four-letter word for women? Here's what they had to say.

The story with the most likes, shares and views will be showcased at a special live event (in addition to some still-secret performances) in the Bay Area.

4 Barriers Women Need to Overcome in STEM Careers

Here's how women can empower themselves to overcome gender bias.
Submitted by Heather R. Huhman | 07.17.14 3am

Debunking the Stereotypes that Hold Women in STEM Back

STEM is a four-letter word for scientists and educators who use biological essentialism to undermine women.
Submitted by Patricia Valoy | 07.17.14 2am

Lamenting the System I Grew Up in

One of the biggest problems facing young women entering STEM fields? A lack of education and encouragement.
Submitted by Joanne Wilson | 07.17.14 1am

Engineering is Ace (Which is a Four Letter Word ±25%)

It's time to to celebrate engineering!
Submitted by Dr. Lucy Rogers | 07.17.14 1am