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Considering Consent

From sex work to church youth groups, the question of consent is at the heart of nearly every human connection. So why do we only seem to ask about it when it’s too late?
Teaching boys about consent.

Teaching Boys About Consent Needs To Start Earlier Than You Think

There are times when I'm teaching my boys about consent that I think, “But he’s only six!” And then I remind myself, if not now, when?
Submitted by Kristina Wright | 11.29.17 12am
As a sex worker, consent is complicated

I Am A Sex Worker And Consent Is Complicated

I have a choice here: either I tell him to stop, or I can avert his hands elsewhere. This is my life as a sex worker. Consent is complicated!
Submitted by Reese Piper | 11.27.17 12am
Sex that isn't consensual is not consensual, whether your married or not.

Is It Sexual Assault If You're Married?

It never felt like sexual assault, him taking the sex I didn’t offer. It felt more like a silent agreement. I surrendered to sex; he didn’t complain.
Submitted by Anonymous | 11.27.17 12am

Celibacy Can't Replace Consent: How Evangelical Sex Ed Fails Teens

Evangelical sex ed fails teens - even thinking about having sex with someone else meant you had already done it in your heart.
Submitted by Susie Mendoza | 11.27.17 12am

No #MeToo Is Too Small: The Pervasiveness Of Sexual Harassment

We must continue to acknowledge and condemn all forms of sexual harassment, regardless of how society may compartmentalize them, in order for a true cultural shift to occur.
Submitted by Candace McDuffie | 11.27.17 12am

I Didn't Understand Consent Until My Boyfriend Repeatedly Raped Me

The sad thing is, it took someone almost destroying me to make me open my eyes to the extent of what happens when we talk not about a culture of consent, but about temptation and defense instead.
Submitted by Anonymous | 11.27.17 12am