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It's a New Year, and with that comes a whole host of dieting resolutions that never seem to work but always manage to return year in and year out. It's time for a new kind of resolution: ditch diet culture for good. With #DitchTheDiet2017, we're talking about the effect diet culture has had on our lives, championing bodies of all shapes and sizes, and hoping for a future where we're a little less occupied with the amount of space we take up.
"I thought I had dealt with my body issues before I decided to do this shoot, but it turns out I was wrong."

I Didn't Need A Partner Or A 'Perfect' Body For Boudoir Photos — And Neither Do You

I thought I had dealt with my body issues before I decided to do this shoot, but it turns out I was wrong.
Submitted by Irina Gonzalez | 02.13.17 12am
 If life is like a box of chocolates, then I’m ready indulge before someone else eats all the double fudge truffles.

Here's The Thing About Dieting: It Just Isn't Worth It

If forgoing all the foods I once loved to eat; if the hours clocked walking, swimming, and biking isn't doing it for me anymore, what will?
Submitted by Judith Liebaert | 01.20.17 11am
“I want to be the pioneer for plus-sized women”

The Pretty Big Dance Movement Wants Better Body Representation In Music

“It’s about uplifting and empowering women to feel like they can be confident and do anything. Not just dance.”
Submitted by Rochaun Meadows-Fernandez | 01.20.17 12am
Image Credit: Brooke Cagle via Unsplash

It's OK To Be "Just OK" With Your Body

I have dyspraxia, which means that I’m terribly clumsy. Where other people fetch a glass without even paying the action any notice, I have to think consciously about stretching my arm; about...
Submitted by Olga Mecking | 01.20.17 12am
"Some fat women never risk movement at all because of shame and fear of ridicule."

Bodies In Motion: The Complicated Relationship Between Fatness & Athleticism

Some fat women never risk movement at all because of shame and fear of ridicule. There is logic in this choice. Tragic (often invisible) logic.
Submitted by Kimberly Dark | 01.19.17 12am
"I inhabited my body instead of observing it."

5 Truly Simple, Purely Practical Tips For Everyday Body Positivity

I'm all about body positivity practices that require self reflection and deep emotional shifts. Therapy? Sign me up. Journaling? Yes, please. Painstakingly dismantling the lifelong belief systems...
Submitted by Winona Dimeo-Ediger | 01.19.17 12am

Make #DitchTheDiet2017 Even Easier With These Ridiculously Epic Treats

Forget ice cream out of the carton, the following limited edition treats from America’s favorite glutton gurus will be the new post-breakup sobfest snacks of choice.
Submitted by Claire Hopple | 01.18.17 12am

I'm Fat-Shaming My Cat And It Needs To Stop

The truth is, we want our cats fat and our women skinny.
Submitted by Christine Schoenwald | 01.18.17 12am
Life is about so much more than whether or not you eat that cupcake.

When Your Body Is In Between "Fat" And "Thin"

When the spread was published, all the girls in the shot were small — small enough to notice their not-bigness. It was the first time I felt “othered,” the first time I noticed how some versions of...
Submitted by Lisa Marie Basile | 01.17.17 12am
"My illness creates the standard for myself; the rest of me has come to ignore beauty standards altogether, especially when it comes to other people."

Why Can't I See My Body The Way I See Other People's Bodies?

I have particular standards of beauty that I believe apply to my body — my body, and no one else’s.
Submitted by Ilana Masad | 01.17.17 12am
Throw every body-policing fashion rule you've heard out the window and buy yourself something gorgeous!

6 Reasons To Wait Until You Lose Weight To Buy New Clothes (And Why They're All Wrong)

Clothes can be altered. Clothes can be sold. Clothes can be swapped with friends. In the meantime, you have to get dressed every day, and you might as well love the clothes you have right now.
Submitted by Winona Dimeo-Ediger | 01.16.17 12am