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What Does Motherhood Look Like To You?

May brings talk of motherhood to the United States. For a few weeks every year, drugstore aisles seep pastels; spill over with bouquets and chocolates.

Though we all have moms in common, not everyone thinks of motherhood the same way. Adoptive parents, parents who have suffered the loss of a child, and those who don't want kids might find that the Hallmark-ification of May doesn't quite match their own mothering journey. Though not everyone mothers the same way, that doesn't make them any less loving. We talked to some women with differing opinions on how being a mom--or not being one--has changed their life.


The Reasons Why I Don't Want My Son To Learn To Read

I know it won't be long until he can read the headlines before I can bury the truth. He will learn to read, and then to suffer. Words will haunt him.
Submitted by Gemma Hartley | 08.31.16 12am

After Losing Three Sons

As I compare my body with other women expecting their second, or even third, I remind myself that this is my fifth child. I am OK. This is my fifth baby. My fourth pregnancy. I look normal for that.... Read
Submitted by Diana Stone | 05.29.15 12pm

The Unique Challenges Of Having A Special Needs Child

When we first received my son’s holoprosencephaly diagnosis, I asked why me? Why was this happening to our family? What did we do to deserve this? This is not what I pictured for my two boys. They... Read
Submitted by Sarah Halstead | 05.29.15 12pm

When Another Mother Raises The Baby You Gave Birth To

It's a funny thing, being a birthmom. People ask if our two boys are my only children and I'm stuck momentarily in this place of, "Should I share my story?" I imagine parents who have lost a son or... Read
Submitted by Melissa Amato | 05.28.15 5am
Image courtesy of Janine James.

I Don’t Want To Be A Mom, And I’m Not Going To Change My Mind

Contrary to popular belief, maternal instincts do not strike every woman like a freight train. I’ve never been a “kid person,” and to be honest, I don’t really enjoy their company. Sure, I have met... Read
Submitted by Janine James | 05.20.15 12pm