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What's Missing From Mental Health?

Mental illness is a conversation we aim to have every day, but what aspects of mental health are we overlooking or needlessly stigmatizing in the process? This month, we're focusing our Mental Health Awareness efforts on the discussions of mental illness that are routinely pushed to the margins. Be it paranoid schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, or the trials and tribulations of accessing proper psychiatric healthcare, we want to talk about the things that aren't talked about. We hope you will too.
Borderline personality disorder makes discerning when feelings are real and valid a constant struggle. The hardship is worth it.

It Is Possible To Recover From Borderline Personality Disorder

I love what it feels like when I dive into a cold pool on a hot day. I write dirty jokes on the internet. I follow four kitten accounts on Instagram. I have hope. I never thought I would be able to...
Submitted by Celia Finkelstein | 05.22.17 12am
How many spoons can reasonably be left for what makes you happy, what makes life worth living?

The Maddening Difficulties Of Going On Mental Health Disability

I first went on disability when I lived in Rochester, New York. My therapist and psychiatrist had diagnosed me with bipolar II disorder, and I was having trouble meeting the high demands of my job...
Submitted by Elis de Guerre | 05.22.17 12am
"My anger was there when my father wasn’t. My anger has been reliable. Sometimes it feels like my anger taught me all the things my father should have."

Learning About My Father's Personality Disorder Helped Me Forgive Him

I have to accept the fact that Black men are not allowed to deal with their mental health issues — specifically personality and schizoaffective disorders. The man I considered a deadbeat dad for most...
Submitted by Africa Jackson | 05.22.17 12am
"I no longer get a sense of pride from being and proclaiming to be busy, and I don’t take part in pro-burnout culture talk with others."

I Have OCPD: Here's Why You've Probably Never Heard Of It Before

I thought that my drive to perfectionism was warranted and desirable. "I am just doing what I have to do" — that's the mantra I used to motivate myself to continue to be productive, especially when I...
Submitted by Nadia Schmidtke | 05.22.17 12am
"No one guessed that schizophrenia was the cause of my comments — or, at times, what some would call strange or unusual behavior."

I Have Paranoid Schizophrenia, And It's Nothing Like What You See On TV

I don’t look at all like the portrayals of these killers Hollywood never seems to tire of writing into movies and series. But I do have paranoid schizophrenia.
Submitted by Rebecca Chamaa | 05.22.17 12am