Dust off that exercise ball you bought during your pregnancy.

5 Ways To Use That Exercise Ball Post-Pregnancy

If you are some sort of superhero, maybe you’ve actually been putting your exercise ball to good use in the weeks and months since you stopped Read...
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The Mommy Guilt And What It Means To Have It All

In less than two years, I went from the fast-paced life of having a full-time job, while attending graduate school and going out with my friends at Read...
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How To Talk To Parents About Douchey-Somewhat-Controversial-But-At-Least-Contentious-Trigger Topics

What I am not saying: "I am now going to take this opportunity to rub in your face what an inadequate parent you are for not sacrificing your entire Read...
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First-Time Mom

Dear First-Time Mom: You Will Still Be You

I still feel exactly like me. A more tired me, granted, but still me. I am not overwhelmed by a love for her I could never imagine (which I somehow Read...
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5 Parenting Conversations I Am So Done With

"If I am holding an amber beer in my hand, I am not talking about naptimes. If I hear shop from your lips, I am ordering you three more martinis and Read...
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How I Coped After Surviving Two Miscarriages 

There was no reason why I should have miscarried, or so I thought. I found a thousand reasons to blame myself. Had I gotten enough rest? Was I Read...
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Why I Decided To Medicate My ADHD Children

I was haggard, exhausted, and feeling hopeless. "When are my kids ever going to be normal?" I felt deep down it would never happen. Read...
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