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Ask Erin: I'm Confused About My Sexuality

I know that if I stay with my boyfriend, I'll be happy, and I could see myself staying with him forever, but I keep questioning my sexuality and thinking about this girl.  Read...

5 Comments Bisexuals Are Tired of Hearing

Greedy. Confused. Slutty. If you’re bisexual, chances are you’ve heard these labels (and worse) thrown at you from all sides, probably even by people you consider friends.

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From The Secretly Gay To The Sexually Loose: Most Annoying Bisexual Tropes In Pop Culture

Film, TV and music have not done the struggling bisexual cause any favors. Sigh.


Watch: the Bisexual Debate Continues

"Things Bisexual People are Tired of Hearing," has been trending on the web for a few weeks now. The commentary is good, but a bigger question looms awkwardly in the air.