Ah, the glory of the Frizz. Courtesy of YouTube

Netflix To Re-Vamp Magic School Bus Series: Awesome Or Awful?

Netflix's new take won't transport us back to the glorious School Bus days of yore, but it just might make learning cool again for a new crop of kids.


Watch: Mary Poppins is Fed Up with the Minimum Wage

This practically perfect nanny is quitting her ill-paying job, but not before teaching the children a valuable lesson about the poverty line.


Watch: Seth Meyers Manages to Make New Yorker Cartoons Funny

Right up there with such comic atrocities as Close to Home and Ziggy, New Yorker cartoons are simply awful. So why not act them out live?


From Betty Boop to Wonder Woman: A Retro Slideshow of Female Ephemera

Amazing vintage art, ads and comics books courtesy of Fawcett's Antique Toy Museum in Waldoboro, Maine. You are so welcome. #TBT