Cold War

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Badass Berlin Wall Escape Stories

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall's fall, we share ingenious escape attempts—including one with a chicken coop.

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No More Mr. Nice Country: Canada Battles Russia for North Pole Oil 

Our usually polite northern neighbor has put on its war paint.


Malaysian Crash Conjures "Accidental" Shoot-downs of the Past

With the latest Malaysian airlines disaster looking like a takedown by military forces, we remember the tragic history of these incidences.


The CIA Comes Clean about European UFOs

UFOs, a spy agency and the Cold War—this one’s got all the tantalizing trappings of the 1950s you could want.


High on History: How Soviet Kitchens Saved Civil Society

Mass housing projects in the 1950s provided Soviet citizens with their very own kitchens—and free speech enjoyed a domestic Renaissance.