Wimpy emporer penguins have nothing on their ice age brethren (Credit: ThinkStock)

Scientists Discover Fossils of Massive Ancient Penguins 

Antarctica recently yielded an extinct species of penguins that would have towered above the vast majority of humans. Shudder.

Hey guys: Remember when Shark Week didn't involve a douchebag in a shark costume? (Credit:

It's Official: Dumbed-Down Shark Week Has Jumped the Shark 

Once focused on revealing the actual world of sharks, Discovery Channel's hyped programming has become dumb, weird and fake.


Watch: This is What It Looks Like to be Hunted by a Shark

This SharkCam provides up close and personal footage of the ocean’s top predator at work.


Guess What Turned Up at a Random Maryland Lab? Smallpox!

Thought to be confined to two super-secure facilities, scientists are flummoxed by the discovery of rogue vials containing the deadly virus.


Science is Sweet: “Mega-Earth” Discovery Shocks Scientists

Long-maligned simply as gassy afterthoughts, Kepler data shows giant planets can have life-hospitable conditions.


Science is Sweet: Strange New Mineral Discovered in Australian Volcanic Rock

Putnisite has no known mineral relatives, making it a bizarre (but beautiful!) specimen of nature’s laboratory—according to Aussie scientists, there is nothing quite like it on earth.


Science is Sweet: Prehistoric Whale Discovered in Greenland

Here’s your science-y moment for the day: The earth was vastly different during this creature’s life, more than 300 million years before mammals popped up on the scene.