divorce and kids

It’s easy to paint the town red and have a great time when not paying one’s fair share.

Is A "Fun Time Parent" Taking All The Fun Out Of Your Parenting?

It's no surprise that parents who run a tighter ship get ticked off when everything they work so hard to instill in their children goes right out the window when they go to their other parent’s home, then they have to struggle to reintegrate into the structured environment when they return.

As long as my ex and I shared a home, we were sure to fight.

Why I Considered Bird Nesting, But Decided Against It

When my ex and I decided to divorce, I was overcome with fear and sadness at the thought of living part time without my two children. Could it be possible for my soon-to-be ex and I to remain in the same home for the sake of parenting our kids even though we couldn’t stand the sight of one another?