double standard

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I’m An Attractive, Successful Woman And Men Don’t Want To Date Me

I often wonder if the fact I have a successful career is why I have so much trouble finding Mr Right. Strong women intimidate boys, and excite men.

Double standards exist everywhere.

Does A Double Standard Exist In Your Relationship?

Is your relationship jeopardized by double standards? Big or small, they can threaten the health of a relationship. By learning to recognize the signs, the risk can be reduced. Then you can take action to eliminate them.


Watch: Daniel Radcliffe Turns The Tables On Sexist Interview Question

Over the weekend, an AP interview with Daniel Radcliffe about his new film, Horns, took a surprising turn. And trust us: You'll like where it goes.


How to Train Your Dragon 2's Deadbeat Mom Problem

In the just-released kids' film, a mother abandons her family for 20 years, and it's treated like no big deal. Is a double standard at play?