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Feminist Dating Survival Guide

One of the most common questions I've received as a sex and dating coach since Tr*mp's election is “how am I supposed to date straight, cis men anymore?”

My husband's a feminist, raised by a feminist couple. It's been a gift to me, and to our daughters.

I'm A Stronger Feminist Because Of My Husband

I would never imply that someone needs to be married or heterosexual to be stronger, feminist or otherwise.

It’s not that difficult. Image: Shutterstock.

Calling All Men! 5 Ways You Can Be A Feminist At Work

All men at work benefit from what Australian sociologist Raewyn Connell has named the “patriarchal dividend.” This is the unearned social or professional capital that men accrue. [...] This dividend doesn’t just happen — it has to be reproduced and maintained for future generations. If men recognise this and take responsibility for it, then we can start to make positive changes to workplaces.

The tearing down of the patriarchy has a long way to go.

To Women Who Don't Need Feminism: These Men Want It For Themselves

Many of the women in that article look quite young, having grown up in the world that feminism fought to build. They may think they don't need it, but their signs show that they clearly do. The tearing down of the patriarchy has a long way to go.