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Frangela's Idiot Of The Week: Walmart Shopper Caught With Stolen Goods In Her Vagina

A woman in a Pennsylvania Walmart has been accused of stealing $100 worth of groceries, and the main accomplice is her greedy-pink-pocket – VAGINA. That's right. Stolen goods were recovered from her vagina. And we are not talking about stealing a saltshaker either . . . she was doing some serious grocery shopping, folks.

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Frangela's Idiot Of The Week: Man Makes Love To Car

Well, well, well, I've seen many a things in my 13,943 days on the earth, but I have only seen a man making love to a car once, and thanks to Frangela's Idiot Of The Week, I'm once bitten and twice shy. Proceed with caution. You may never look at your exhaust pipe the same way again.

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Frangela's Idiot Of The Week: Woman Poops In Kmart 

A 49-year-old woman leaves behind a special present at a Racine, WI, Kmart store, her poop! She decided to drop her drawers on the store's floor (or rather, in a box on the floor) instead of using the restrooms. Frangela's recount of the misfire is a deserving bowl full of . . . laughs.