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My Parents Stole My Identity. I Won’t Let Them Steal My Future. 

I’ve built my life from ashes, and I’ve filled it with intentional kindness and trust. My parents stole yesterday. I won’t let them take tomorrow. Read...
Heather Sommerlad    |   10.2.18   |   SHARE
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Why We Don't Support The New "Rape by Fraud" Bill

Making "fraud" synonymous with "rape" could harm people who deserve a mere dose of public humiliation. Read...
Giana Ciapponi    |   11.26.14   |   SHARE

Orange Is The New Jersey: Maybe We Should Cut Teresa Giudice A Break

We root for Piper in "Orange is the New Black" so why are we all gunning for Teresa Guidice's punishment? Read...
Amanda Lauren   |   10.3.14   |   SHARE
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Why Scientific Fraud is More Pervasive Than You Might Think

Academic research is far more cutthroat than many in the public realize. Read...
Jane Jones   |   08.12.14   |   SHARE

The Horror! Rat Hair Found in Cashmere Coats, The Universe Collectively Gags

Recently a year-long investigation resulted in the arrests of 14 suspects Read...
Jane Jones   |   02.5.14   |   SHARE