New Seasons Of Arrested Development Are Coming!

Dearest Aphrodite, we're going to get another season of Arrested Development? Is this too good to be true? Pinch me, sweet muse! 

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Man And Woman Expecting Baby!

Prince William and Duchess Kate have another little one on the way. That's right, folks: They have sex! And procreate!

Five apples tall, just like a real 8-year-old girl. (Credit: Facebook)

Breaking News: Hello Kitty Isn't Actually A Cat!

Here's a brief history of the most famous cat that's apparently not a cat (what gives, Sanrio?).

Lucille in her best(?) times. (Credit: Facebook)

The Arrested Development Family: Insane, Outrageous and Completely Relatable

A fifth season of the cult favorite is reportedly on the horizon. Here's why we can't wait for more of this family's familiar dysfunction.