art by Julia Green

Why I Took Screens Away From My Kids Even Though They Freaked The F*&k Out

Taking screens away from my kids was no easy feat, especially for the kid who we so often need a break from. This is hard, but isn’t it all?


Exhausted Parents, Rejoice: Let Your Baby Watch TV! The AAP SAID IT'S OK!

In today's HAAHHAAH We Weren't Listening-to-You-Stupid-Pediatricians-Anyway, news: The American Academy of Pediatrics has


Sex Toy + iPad: Your Long Distance Relationship Just Got More Interesting

Techie sex innovations like OhMiBod are changing the way we connect with—and stimulate—others.


Watch: Montage of Falling Disney Characters is Absurdly Hilarious

For a cheap yet delightful laugh, enjoy two minutes of Disney characters eating it.