judging parents for their parenting choices

Mommy gets to swear because Mommy isn't nine.

Why I Won’t Stop Swearing In Front Of My Kid

I have earned the right to swear simply by being an adult. Mommy gets to swear because Mommy isn't nine.

I didn’t know what I was doing, so I clung to what I could. I reduced parenting to good and bad, black and white, and put myself on the side of the angels. Image: Elizabeth Broadbent

I Used To Judge Formula-Feeding Moms, And So Many Others

I didn’t trumpet these views to my mommy groups, of course. I wasn’t crass. But when a girl let her daughter cry it out, I decided the tot seemed a tad withdrawn. When a mom told me all her sons were cut, I nodded politely while thinking, she is so deluded. She made up a medical excuse for a pass on child mutilation. When I saw mothers in the grocery store, carseats in tow, I paraded by, baby in wrap, nose in the air. At least those moms could see another option.