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image credit: Tess Holliday via Instagram

Everyone Mad About Tess Holliday’s Self Cover: Thanks For Missing The Point

In a move that is sure to cost them more than a few subscribers, Self magazine has made Tess Holliday


The Problem With December Magazine Covers

And not a word about Kim Kardashian . . . well, almost.

Credit: GQ

Thank You, GQ: Adam Driver's Cover Is Dreamy

Part chest, part charm . . . all obsession.


Surprise! Lupita Nyong'o's Vogue Cover is Utter Perfection

Many predicted it, but nobody could guess just how exhilarating it would be. Lupita Nyongo's Vogue cover—meticulously analyzed.


 Summer Magazines—Surprisingly Good to Women Not in their 20s

Usually, when you hear "summer issue" you think of slender gams in skimpy bathing suits, courtesy of Gisele or Kate Upton, not smoldering 40-somethings.