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What I Learned When I Hired A Dating Coach

This article first appeared on SHE'SAID' and has been republished with permission.

I never thought I’d be the kind of person who’d ever admit they needed help. But I’d had my heart smashed into pieces, and my bad dating choices were making me depressed. For instance, I was dating this one guy, and, let’s just say, there were four other women who could have said the same thing about him.

I know that, with or without a partner, cooking will always be my first love.

How I Cooked Myself Out Of A Digital Dating Depression

When a Tinder lover ghosted me cold after a month, I fell into a deep depression. There was no accountability in the digital dating world, where you had zero real-world mutual friends to tie you together.

Too many choices overwhelm us and create anxiety and stress.

Why Online Dating Isn't Cutting It Anymore 

Online dating has quickly gone from a service most would keep from telling their friends about, to the primary way we now find a partner. This shift has happened so quickly that in my opinion, it has complicated dating.


4 Common Mistakes Guys Make Online That Keep Them From Finding True Love

Mirror selfies – Men, if you must selfie (and I’m not recommending that you do) please do not selfie in a mirror. If you really must see what you look like the instant you take the photo, at least use your phone’s flipcam.

Revenge-flagging sucks.

3 Reasons Why Online 'Revenge Flagging' Is Good for Feminism

I’ve been doing the online dating thing for a little over a year now, and it’s the first time I’ve been doing it as a staunchly, outspoken, won’t-take-any-bullshit feminist. That’s how I discovered the curious system of “revenge flagging,” which is when guys don’t take rejection gracefully or can’t deal with a bruised ego — they flag the woman’s profile as revenge.

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Top 5 Nichetastic Dating Sites

There's a dating site for everything. No, really. Everything.


The Art of Seduction: How to Write a Winning Online Dating Profile 

Want to write the world's best OkCupid profile? Be honest, specific, smart and not-scary.


Of Stigma and Self-Delusion: Online Dating is a Two-Billion Dollar Industry

Finding a partner on the intrawebs is nothing to be ashamed about.