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I’m Done Being The Perfect Older Sister

Like moms and other women in caregiving roles, it seems that older sisters are disproportionately likely to take on family responsibilities. Read...
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How I'm Setting Realistic Parenting Expectations In A Pinterest World

Pinterest makes doing every aspect of life perfectly look easy. Read...
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Who Would I Be Without Overachievement?

That’s the thing about perfectionism. When you chase something unattainable, you complete a self-fulfilling prophecy. Read...
Chelsea Cristene of Role Reboot    |   02.28.19   |   SHARE
More than simply maintaining high expectations, I force myself to be an overachiever.

Why I’m A Relentless Overachiever

More than simply maintaining high expectations, I force myself to be an overachiever. Read...
Kerry Graham of Role Reboot    |   01.3.19   |   SHARE
Despite my newfound awareness that I must practice self-compassion, I simply do not feel worthy of it.

Why I Must Commit To Self-Compassion

Will practicing self-compassion make me feel, or become, selfish? I cannot discern when to hold myself accountable versus when to cut myself slack. Read...
Kerry Graham of Role Reboot    |   11.28.18   |   SHARE
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Stop Beating Yourself Up — You're Doing Your Best

The facade of control I’d spent so much energy maintaining was ripped from me. I am doing my best, and that’s good enough for me. Read...
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Unfortunately I held onto the dogmatic perfectionism.

How Dogmatic Perfectionism Nearly Killed Me

There was no room for fallibility or even a gray scale of good and bad — perfection was the only option. Dogmatic perfectionism nearly killed me! Read...
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I Am The Crisis Friend.

Comfort In Chaos: I Am The Crisis Friend

I don’t know what “normal” is — that is to be not in crisis — because I never knew normal, to begin with. I am the crisis friend. Read...
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