5 Things Friday: The Human Body, Sperm, Spit, Stomach, It’s ALL Weird

And there are 280 million sperm in one ejaculate. That doesn’t add up. Especially if you’re 18.

Drinking a ton makes it harder for sperm to hit their target . . . Credit: Wikipedia Commons

New Study Finds Binge Drinking Lowers Sperm Count

Hypothetically, this gives a somewhat free-ish pass to the contraceptively lazy who like to drink. Don't let it though, obviously.


Dear Politicians: Please Stop Spreading Lies About AIDS

Republican house candidate Bob Frey is seriously misinformed about AIDS. Let's get to the truth, shall we?


Why Are Infertile Couples Slamming Shutterfly?

An inadvertently sent "congratulations . . . new parent" email has set off a Twitter firestorm.