Doomed by our matching tattoos?

I Got Matching Tattoos With My Husband Because I Wanted To Curse Our Marriage

It's over. I know it's over because at least three people have told me that if you have your partner's name tattooed literally anywhere on your body Read...
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Like baths (DUH)?

New Year, New Recs!

Welcome to the year 2018. The staffers here at Ravishly don’t buy into the “New Year, New You” bullshit. But, we do believe that January is a great Read...
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image credit: Su Mendez via Instagram

The Story Behind The Breastfeeding Photo That Pissed Off The Internet

What is it like being boob shamed and tattoo shamed 20 years after the fact? Read...
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image credit: Joni Edelman IG. Project Semicolon

Another Gone Too Soon; Project Semicolon Founder, Amy Bleuel, Dies At 31

...[T]here is no feeling as desperate, nothing as hopeless as thinking that your life has so little value that you should end it. Read...
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My Tattoo Literally Saved Me From A Lifetime Of Self-Harm

The first time I cut myself, I didn't even realize I was doing it. I was at a high school party with one of my favorite people, whose effortless Read...
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In The Wake Of My Mastectomy, I Got A Tattoo

To the tattoo artist, I was a flesh canvas that she could transform into something beautiful. Read...
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Justice (Soft)Served: Pinkberry Co-Founder Sentenced to 7 Years for Beating a Homeless Man

Pinkberry's founder is sentenced to seven years in prison for beating a homeless man. Yogurt lovers (and human lovers) rejoice! Read...
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The Latest in Tattoos: Ink as Gallery-worthy Art (and Tattooing Your Dog?)

If you were in the Big Apple this past weekend, we hope you took full advantage of the opportunity to feast your eyes on the colorful works featured Read...
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