Ted Talks

Women of Color deserve more TED Talks attention (Image Credit: Instagram / Nadine Burke Harris)

5 TED Talks By WOC To Watch Immediately 

Not only are TED Talks by women of color severely underrepresented, what was once seen as a thoughtful resource as a platform for those who wanted to share their ideas with the world has become an exclusive, rich, white boy’s club. In 2017, the basic membership level will begin at $8,500 per person, which will also include networking tools and conference DVDs. Why aren’t the talks about humans around the world who don’t even have access to basic human needs viewed as much as talks on leadership and getting rich quicker? It’s time we reevaluated what we find successful, and what ideas are more worth sharing. With that said, here are a few incredible TED Talks by women of color you should know about.