Going for gold. Image: Abdelhak Senna/EPA.

Why Caster Semenya And Dutee Chand Deserve To Compete (And Win) At Rio 2016

Semenya is the favourite to win gold in the 800 metre final on August 21, and perhaps even break the world record. In anticipation of her victory, the controversy around her supposed “unfair advantage” in competition has already started.

This is the closest thing to fate that I know.

Maybe Being Transgender Wasn't A Mistake

Two months on testosterone — while it may not have been fate, I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.

So marvelous.

Testosterone And Tea With Sam Dylan Finch: One Month

Don’t ask me to explain how hormones can make a person feel so free.

You're gonna like this one.

Testosterone And Tea With Sam Dylan Finch: Week 5

Every little change is like a flower bursting open in my chest.


Testosterone And Tea With Sam Dylan Finch: Week 3

Testosterone has brought me to a whole other level of body affirmation and acceptance.


I Didn’t Want To Be Transgender

I was so ashamed of being transgender that I held out for years, thinking if I waited long enough, this part of myself would retreat into the dark spot of my mind – the trapdoor where all the bad memories fall in and disappear.