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8 WTF Vibrators That'll Make You Question Everything

The world is a strange and wonderful place. And nothing is a true testament to just how bizarre things can get than if you look at the wide and wild selection of vibrators out there.

Society may have been shaken to its core when the Rabbit was invented, but that was nothing compared to the Gaga Vibrator. Why? Because the Gaga offers something the Rabbit can't: a camera on the end so you can get an up close view of vag. Svakom, which calls itself "the world's leader in intelligent intimate lifestyle products" is the sex toy company we have to thank for this gem. Oh, there's even a video. Yes, you want to watch the video.


From Angry Bees to Barbara Walters: Welcome to the Timeline of Good Vibrations

Barbara Walters has announced she loves to get randy with her vibrator, and no one's blushing. How did we get to this blissfully evolved place?