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The Dangerous Dance Women Do With Numbers

Women are not only defined by percentages, averages, and statistics. Read...
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The Pathetic Tinder Profile Of A Desperate 30-Year-Old

Tinder: being outrageously old is bad for your dating life. Read...
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Why I'm Worried About Cosmetic Surgery's Rising Popularity

No doubt there are times when cosmetic surgery provides life-changing experiences. But I oppose surgery that promotes homogenized beauty. Read...
Dr. Vivian Diller    |   11.10.14   |   SHARE

Plastic Surgery Patients Are Not Given The Respect They Deserve 

Since man and woman first saw their face in a pool of water, body image has been an integral, inexorable element within the psyche of humankind. Read...

On The Front Lines Of 40, Some Advice For My Former Selves 

Now that I've embarked upon the decade I once considered "old," there are a few things I'd like my 20 (and 30) year-old self to know. Read...
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What Happened When I Found My First Gray Hair

I always expected my intro to grey hair would be filled with a kind of resigned sadness, if not despair. Spoiler alert: It wasn't. Read...
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31 And Feeling It

There's no moisturizer, diet or bike ride on this whole goddamn earth that's gonna counter gravity and the inevitable aging process. Read...
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A Toke A Day Could Keep Alzheimer's Away

A new study has discovered that smoking pot—long associated with short-term memory loss—could help counter the onset of Alzheimer's. Read...
Kate Zaliznock   |   09.2.14   |   SHARE