As parents, we don’t always have the means to do everything we’d like to do. But that doesn’t mean we have to lie down and quit living.

I’m A Selfish Mom & I Refuse To Feel Guilty For It​

Yes, I was being a selfish mom, I told her. But that didn’t make me wrong. People are constantly telling me to sacrifice my wellbeing for my kids. Read...
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It’s not that I am “bad” or “good,” it’s that I am. I just am.

I’m Done Being A "Good Girl"

Look in the corners, in the out-of-the-way spaces, in the barely muttered requests, that’s where you find the good girl. And I'm done being a good Read...
joni edelman, RN   |   01.21.18   |   SHARE
The Oregon Coast is not ugly.

Do You Have To Spend Vacation With Your Kids?

You don't have to feel lost without your children, or miss them to the point of paralysis to be a good, even a great, mother. Read...
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Left: 12/13 Right: 10/14

Don't Judge My Anorexia

Anorexia is not what you think. Warning: Triggering pictures included. Read...
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Let Airbnb Turn Your Apartment into a Brothel!

Airbnb helps NYPD bust a prostitution ring...we can all agree this was like, inevitable right? Read...
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Sex + Love