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Five Ways We Can Stand In Our Power 

This isn’t an essay about how “woke” I am — instead, it’s a journey of reclamation and standing in my power, which started with my getting sober. Read...
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What can I do for us to have a healthy, better, successful life and future marriage? (Artwork: Tess Emily Rodriguez)

Ask Erin: Will I Lose My Fiance To Rehab?

My fiancé has been in inpatient rehab for close to a week. What can I do for us to have a healthy, better, successful life and future marriage? Read...
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Ask Erin
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Addiction Recovery Gave Me The Purpose I'd Been Trying To Find Through Alcohol

The sad reality is that many of us lose ourselves in addiction, and not enough make it out. In honor of National Recovery Month, I'm telling my story. Read...
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The recovery community is advocating for increased access to treatment and reducing stigma, yet the language we’re using is undermining those efforts.

How The Words We Use Stigmatize People With Addiction​

We don’t have the luxury of personal choice in our use of language when we are talking about the highly stigmatized condition of addiction. Read...
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That’s the thing about recovery: if you stick with it, it introduces you to yourself.

Addiction Recovery Forced Me To Sober Up About My Relationships

When I decided to get sober, I simply wanted help to stop drowning myself; I certainly didn’t envision digging up my painful relationship history. Read...
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How Queerness Influences My Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol was the antidepressant I felt I always wanted. There was no need to step back, breathe, count to ten, or do any other self-soothing Read...
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For several years in my late 20s and early 30s, health anxiety had a stranglehold on my life — and it started from a scary place.

I Recovered From Health Anxiety (And So Can You)

These days, I can’t say I’m never hit with anxiety about an unexpected pain or a weird lump. But when fear creeps in, I stick to some helpful Read...
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This is my life with an eating disorder. This is my before and after.

The Other Before and After: Life With An Eating Disorder 

I’ve never been a fan of eating disorder recovery Before-and-After photos. I don’t find it healthy or helpful to compare and appraise the shapes and Read...
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