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Take The Cake: The BoPo-Washing Of Weight Watchers (& The Weight Loss Industry)

How does a weight loss company sell weight loss products to people who don’t want to be fat but also don’t want to say they don’t want to be fat or Read...
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TakeThe Cake: 9 Body Positive Resolutions For 2019 

Resolution season is rough for many of us. Most goal-setting relies upon self-defeating and depleting aspirations, like assimilation into problematic Read...
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Take The Cake: 'Tis The Season For Fat Shaming & Here's Why

'Tis the season for complex feelings about our bodies as the
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If WW really wants to do something to increase health and wellness, they should just shut it down.

We All Know What WW Stands For: Why The Weight Watchers Rebrand Is BS

Weight Watchers announced on Monday that they are changing their name to WW to reflect their focus on wellness and health. This is BS. Read...
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Seriously, I didn’t even know I HAD cleavage wrinkles.

Real Ravishly: Cleavage Wrinkles And Capitalism

Seriously, I didn’t even know I HAD cleavage wrinkles. There are just so many things capitalism is trying to convince you that you need. Read...
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What Exactly IS The "Snake-Diet?" (And 7 Ways It's Harmful)

The “Snake-Diet” is just another fad diet that claims to cure you of your fat — but it’s also different, it’s dangerous. I'm going to tell you why. Read...
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I remember what it was like to be thin.

I'm Happy In My Fat Body, But I Miss Being Thin

You do not have to hate your body — but you don’t have to love it either. While I'm happy with my fat body, I miss being thin. Read...
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Take The Cake: Weight Gain Is Normal When You Become BoPo

Weight gain is — in my anecdotal experience — quite common once you stop attempting to control your weight. My story is not everyone’s story. Read...
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