(Image via screen shot of BLM Alaska's Facebook page)

Just In Time For Halloween: The Loch Ness Monster In Alaska?  

When I first heard about this, I thought, Yeah, sure, right, whatever. But then I watched the video — from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in Alaska. And, um, this is way spooky.

Oh my. Courtesy of, Facebook

Sarah Palin Wants Women Running In 2016—But Would That Really Be Progress? 

Reminder: There's a big difference between Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.

Credit: Time

Stranded Walruses Send Reminder: Humans Are Bad At This Whole Inhabiting The Planet Thing

We're killing mad animals with our global warming/climate change BS. And the animals are really really cute.

Credit: Alaska Dispatch News Youtube

Watch: Alaskan Reporter Charlo Greene Swears And Quits On Live TV . . . To Pursue Marijuana Reform

Going out with a blaze equals marketing slam dunk.


Dezi Solèy: Artist, Avid Thrifter

Spotted: Walking home from a happy morning in Oakland, CA


Seriously? Alaska Bars Offer Free Pregnancy Tests to Drunk Women

Twenty bars in Alaska will soon offer pregnancy tests to patrons. While well-intentioned, we have to wonder: Is this really the smartest plan?


Science is Sweet: Tiny T-Rex Was Envy of the Arctic

Think T. Rex lived in hot climates only? Think again.