I’d Rather ________ Be President, Than Donald Trump (A Fill In The Blank Adventure) 

At this point, I’d take pretty much anyone or THING over Cuckoo Creamsicle.

If it saves money, and it works, why not? (Image Credit: Thinkstock)

3 Weird Things You Can Use As A Makeup Primer

For a long time, I suspected that primer was a bit of a swizz. Makeup to go under your makeup, you say? Sounds very “Emperor’s New Clothes” to me.

The silence may be worth the mess. Image: Thinkstock.

5 Alternatives To Montessori When The Waitlist Is Full

“Oh, great!” Says the woman on the other end of the line. “Our waitlist is only about 18 months right now.” Not a typo.

Who even NEEDS that many flowers?

5 Big-Money Mother's Day Gifts — And Their More Practical Alternatives

You’d be hard pressed to find something more meaningful to mom than watching YOU scrub your own urine off the toilet seat/floor/wall. DO IT YOURSELF. And try this, do it EVERY DAY.


The Orgasm Machine Isn't Happening You Guys

Government funding fails us again.